Do you have a business and you are looking for an additional source of income?

An additional income stream for your business that is profitable, sustainable and beneficial to your health and others?

 Let us introduce you to the world of a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil. Crazy right? Essential oils?

We utilize a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for the amazing health benefits. ​10 reasons why do we feel this would be a benefit to your business.

1. Germs and bacteria. You meet new people on a daily basis, this exposes you to all of them.

2. People need a helping hand to retain a strong  immune system while they travel and are exposed to other guests.

3. Essential oils are scientifically known to eliminate and reduce bacteria and purify the air.

4. Essential oils have been researched and studied for hundreds of years and have virtually no known side effects. 1000’s of studies on and new  studies are being conducted every day. Recently one using Lemongrass to kill mosquito larvae

5. Utilizing diffusers in your open spaces provides clean and germ free areas while providing an uplifting atmosphere. Diffusers are being used in hospital settings for the patients and staff for a calming environment.

6. Adding the oils to your foods and beverages. Lavender in your teas, Lemon in your frostings. Basil in your pesto. Many of the oils are GRAS labeled.

7. Non Toxic Cleaning products. Oils are antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and work as well as if not better than their toxic counterparts. And they are Safe for children and animals. Easy recipes to create your own non-toxic cleaning products

8. Retail Sales and Wholesale accounts will increase your business model with very little investment.

9. What is the investment? $35.00 to open your own account. From there you can purchase a kit, which includes the enrollment fee or buy oils that you want to use or sell. Having this account gives you 25% off retail and you can even get below wholesale another 30%.

10. Every time you introduce an oil to someone you offer them a gift of a lifetime. You are providing them natural solutions to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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