Third Party Tested and More

You can buy oils in all sorts of places, big box stores, flea markets, health food stores and online

But when you want an oil that's going to actually do something to support your cells, you want an oil that works.

Many of the oils sold in the marketplace are adulterated, meaning there's something else in the bottle to lessen the price of the oil. When it comes to an oil you're putting on your body, cheaper isn't better.

The oils we use have been tested by 8 different methods.

The CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol includes the following tests: 

Organoleptic testing
Microbial testing
Gas chromatography
Mass spectrometry
Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
Chirality testing
Isotopic analysis
Heavy metal testing

HealthEOils goes far beyond aromatherapy. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are a triple treat. They are used aromatically, topically and can be taken internally.

We are fans of Essential Oils for the three reasons stated above.
What a blessing to be able to find natural solutions for your health and well being with a gift from the earth. No chemicals, solvents, fillers, binders or junk.

All natural and pure.
We hold classes to introduce the beginner to the benefits of essential oils as well as more advanced fun classes to keep everyone learning and using their oils on a day to day basis. We teach you how to use your oils for everyday living. For DYI projects click HERE

Why Do We Believe in a High Quality Oil?